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Browse the largest Balustrade + Fencing colour range Tamworth has to offer.

Tough, Durable and more resistant against chipping, scratches and fading compared to other finishes.
Low maintenance & Environmentally safe. 

NEW Interpon Flat Matt Range

The ultra matt finish offers a non-reflective soft touch with amazing durability in the harshest of environments.

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Interpon -Flat Matt WhiteWhite
Flat Matt YA25BA
Interpon - Flat Matt Linen
Flat Matt YY28PA
Interpon - Flatt Matt Natural Shimmer
Natural Shimmer
Flat Matt YY25AA
Interpon - Flatt Matt Champagne Shimmer
Champagne Shimmer
Flat Matt YY24NA
Interpon - Flatt Matt - Sunstone Bronze
Sunstone Bronze
Flat Matt YY21BA
Interpon - Flatt Matt - Pure Gold
Pure Gold
Flat Matt YY22BA
Interpon - Flat Matt - Golden touch pearl
Golden Touch Pearl
Flat Matt YY25BA
Interpon - Flat Matt - Brilliance
Flat Matt YY23TA
Interpon - Flat Matt Medium Bronze Pearl
Medium Bronze Pearl
Flat Matt YY23NA
Interpon - Flat Matt Dark Bronze
Dark Bronze
Flat Matt YY20BA
Interpon - Flat Matt Monument
Flat Matt YP229A
Interpon - Flat Matt Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue
Flat Matt YY23BA
Interpon - Flat Matt Vintage Silver
Vintage Silver
Flat Matt YY22NA
Interpon - Flat Matt Black Ink
Black Ink
Flat Matt YN21BA


Interpon 'Living Colors' 

Residential and Industrial Powder Coatings Collection. 

VIEW 'Living Color' Brochure

Interpon Excel™ - Degassing technology provides smoother films over porous substrates. Features COLORBOND® Steel Standard colour range

Interpon Excel - Pearl White - Gloss
Excel™ Pearl White®
Gloss GA029A
Interpon Excel - Domain - MattExcel™ Domain®
Matt GD230A
Excel Primrose - glossExcel™ Primrose®
Gloss GD031A
Excel Classic Cream -matt or satinExcel™ Classic Cream®
Matt GD245A
Satin GU145A
Excel Surfmist- matt or satinExcel™ Surfmist®
Matt GA236A
Satin GB136A
Excel Evening Haze - matt or satinExcel™ Evening Haze®
Matt GM235A
Satin GT35A
Excel Shale Grey - Matt or SatinExcel™ Shale Grey®
Matt GL284A
Satin GP184A
Excel Dune - Matt or SatinExcel™ Dune®
Matt GL252A
Satin GP152A
Excel Harvest - mattExcel™ Harvest®
Matt GD215A
Excel Paperbark - Matt or SatinExcel™ Paperbark®
Matt GD214A 
Satin GU114A
Excel Gully - MattExcel™ Gully®
Matt GM242A
Excel Jasper - Matt or SatinExcel™ Jasper®
Matt GM214A 
Satin GT114A
Excel Headland - SatinExcel™ Headland®
Satin GV119A
Excel MAnor Red - Matt or SatinExcel™ Manor Red®
Matt GG262A
Satin GV162A
Excel Terrain - Matt or SatinExcel™ Terrain®
Matt GM243A
Satin GM143A
Excel Woodland Grey - Matt or SatinExcel™ Woodland Grey®
Matt GM243A
Satin GP105A
Excel RiversandExcel™ Riversand®
Matt GM204A
Excel Windspray - Matt or SatinExcel™  Windspray®
Matt GL266A
Satin GP166A
Excel Basalt - Matt or SatinExcel™ Basalt®
Matt GP208A
Satin GP108A
Excel Ironstone - Matt or SatinExcel™ Ironstone®
Matt GL236A
Satin GP136A
Excel Bushland - Matt or SatinExcel™ Bushland®
Matt GK203A
Satin GS103A
Excel WallabyExcel™ Wallaby®
Matt GL210A
Satin GL111A
Excel Deep Ocean - Matt or SatinExcel™ Deep Ocean®
Matt GJ203A
Satin GQ103A
Excel Monument - Matt or SatinExcel™ Monument®
Matt GL229A
Satin GP129A
Excel Cove - MattExcel™ Cove®
Matt GD274A
Excel Pale Eucalypt - Matt or SatinExcel™ Pale Eucalypt®
Matt GK236A
Satin GS136A
Excel Wilderness - Matt or SatinExcel™ Wilderness®
Matt GK289A
Satin GS189A
Excel Mangrove - MattExcel™ Mangrove®
Matt GK277A
Excel Cottage Green - Matt or SatinExcel™ Cottage Green®
Matt GK274A
Satin GS174A
Excel Hawthorn Green - GlossExcel™ Hawthorn Green®
Gloss GK030A
Excel Heritage Green - GlossExcel™ Heritage Green®
Gloss GK044A
Excel Charcoal - Gloss or SatinExcel™ Charcoal®
Gloss GLO35A
Satin GL180A
Excel Night Sky - Matt or SatinExcel™ Night Sky®
Matt GN231A
Satin GN121A

Interpon Flat Matt - Interpon's next generation smooth low gloss 'anodised look' powder coatings. 

Flat Matt - Natural ShimmerNatural Shimmer
Flatt Matt GY21AA
Flatt Matt Dark BronzeDark Bronze
Flat Matt GY20BA
Flat Matt Black InkBlack Ink
Flatt Matt GN21BA

 Interpon Living Series - a classic range of local favourites in subtle and neutral shades.

Interpon - Bright White - GlossBright White
Gloss GA030A
Interpon - White Satin - SatinWhite Satin
Satin GA124A
Interpon - Pearl WhitePearl White
Gloss GA078A
Interpon - Classic pearl white - GlossClassic Pearl White
Gloss GA073A
Interpon - Shoji white - satinShoji White
Satin GA160A 
Interpon - white birch - gloss
White Birch
Gloss GA057A
Interpon - off white - mattOff White
Matt GA211A
Interpon - oyster grey - mattOyster Grey
Matt GL258A
Interpon - APO Grey - SatinAPO Grey
Satin GL107A
Interpon - primrose - glossPrimrose
Gloss GD037A
Interpon - Magnolia - GlossMagnolia
Gloss GD025A
Interpon - Almond Ivory - GlossAlmond Ivory
Gloss GD016A
Interpon - Doeskin - SatinDoeskin
Satin GD188A
Interpon - Rivergum - GlossRivergum
Gloss GD042A
Interpon - Barley - Gloss
Gloss GD007A
Interpon - Stone Beige - MattStone Beige
Matt GD247A
Interpon - Pottery - SatinPottery
Satin GM175A
Interpon - Storm Grey N42 - GlossStorm Grey N42
Gloss GL060A
Interpon - Olde Pewter - SatinOlde Pewter
Satin GL175A
Interpon - Claret - SatinClaret
Satin GG142A
Interpon - Transformer Grey - GlossTransformer Grey
Gloss GL031A
Interopn - Notre Dame - GlossNotre Dame
Gloss GL040A
Interpon - Hamersley Brown - SatinHamersley Brown
Satin GM100A
Interpon - Coral Black - GlossCoral Black
Gloss GN063A
Interpon - Custom Black - MattCustom Black
Matt GN248A
Interpon - Black Satin - SatinBlack Satin
Satin GN150A

Interpon Vivica™ - a soft metallic finish, providing luxury and richness with its timeless pearlescent lustre.

Interpon - Murcury Silver - GlossVivica™ Mercury Silver
Gloss GW003K
Interpon - Vivica Citi - MattVivica™ Citi
Matt GL211A
Interpon - Vivica Ultra Silver - GlossVivica™ Ultra Silver
Gloss GY070A
Interpon - Vivica Nobel Silver Pearl - SatinVivica™ Nobel Silver Pearl
Satin GY119A
Interpon - Vivica Palladium Silver Pearl - SatinVivica™ Palladium Silver Pearl
Satin GY184C
Interpon - Vivica Asteroid Pearl - MattVivica™ Asteroid Pearl
Matt GY270A
Interpon - Vivica Storm Front - MattVivica™ Storm Front
Matt GL249A
Interpon - Vivica Black Onyx - GlossVivica™ Black Onyx
Gloss GY042A
Interpon - Vivica™ Charcoal Pearl - MattVivica™ Charcoal Pearl
Matt GY237A
Interpon - Vivica™ Charcoal Metallic - GlossVivica™ Charcoal Metallic
Gloss GM019A

Interpon 'Color Vitality' - Bright, vibrant and UV stable, perfect for providing a dramatic visual. 

Interpon - Brilliant Yellow - GlossBrilliant Yellow
Gloss GE087A
Interpon - Lycra Strip -GlossLycra Strip
Gloss GK063A
Interpon - Sensation - GlossSensation
Gloss GF049A
Interpon - Lobster - SatinLobster
Satin GG155A
Interpon - Viper Green - GlossViper Green
Gloss GK051A
Interpon - Shamrock Green - GlossShamrock Green
Gloss GK043A
Interpon - Bondi Blue - GlossBondi Blue
Gloss GJ045A
Interpon - Jaybird - SatinJaybird
Satin GJ174A

Interpon Textura® - Unique fine texture finish designed to reduce marring and scuffing. 

Interpon - Textura WhiteTextura® White
Texture GA330A
Interpon - Textura Surfmist
Textura® Surfmist
Texture GA336A
Interpon - Textura primroseTextura® Primrose
Texture GD331A
Interpon - Textura PaperbarkTextura® Paperbark
Texture GD314A
Interpon - Textura DuneTextura® Dune
Texture GL352A
Interpon - Textura SilverTextura® Silver
Texture GY35LA
Interpon - Textura IronstoneTextura® Ironstone
Texture GL329A
Interpon - Textura Deep OceanTextura® Deep Ocean
Texture GL336A
Interpon - Textura JasperTextura® Jasper
Texture GM314A
Interpon - Textura Woodland GreyTextura® Woodland Grey
Texture GL333A
Interpon - Textura MonumentTextura® Monument
Texture GL329A
Interpon - Textura BlackTextura® Black
Texture GN305A

Interpon Anodic - Soft metallic tones, ideal when seeking alternative coatings to anodising. 

Interpon - Anodic ClearAnodic Clear
Matt GY221A
Interpon - Anodic off whiteAnodic Off White
Matt GD227A
Interpon - Anodic Silver GreyAnodic Silver Grey
Matt GL237A
Interpon - Anodic NaturalAnodic Natural
Matt GY235A
Interpon - Anodic ChampagneAnodic Champagne
Matt GY276A
Interpon - Anodic BronzeAnodic Bronze
Satin GY114A
Interpon - Anodic Dark GreyAnodic Dark Grey
Matt GL213A

Interpon Sablé™ - A novel sandy appearance offering enhanced surface scruff resistance.

Interpon - Sablé Grey NurseSablé™ Grey Nurse
Texture GL320A
Interpon - Sablé SilverSablé™ Silver
Texture GY301A
Interpon -Sablé BrillianceSablé™ Brilliance
Texture GL277A
Interpon - Sablé AsteroidSablé™ Asteroid
Texture GN271A
Interpon - Sablé Core TenSablé™ Core Ten
Texture GX350A
Interpon - Sablé BassSablé™ Bass
Texture GN297A
Interpon - Sablé BlackSablé™ Black
Texture GN341A

Interpon 'Color Energy' - A Collection of striking colours to accent modern features. 
Not recommended for use where high UV exposure is likely.

Interpon - Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow
Gloss ME068A
Interpon - Flame RedFlame Red
Gloss MG071A
Interpon - Blaze BlueBlaze Blue
Gloss MJ034A
Interpon - Orange X15Orange X15
Gloss MF035A
Interpon - Yellow GoldYellow Gold
Gloss ME038A
Interpon - Signal RedSignal Red
Gloss MG036A
Interpon - French BlueFrench Blue
Gloss MJ067A
Interpon - Deep PoolDeep Pool
Satin MK002A
Interpon - Safety YellowSafety Yellow
Gloss ME096A
Interpon - Safety Yellow TextureSafety Yellow
Texture ME396A
Interpon - Space BlueSpace Blue
Gloss MJ008A
Interpon - Lawn GreenLawn Green
Gloss MK038A

Interpon Ripple - A distinctive course texture effect which also allows masking of substrate surface defects. 

Interpon - Ripple WhiteRipple White
Gloss MA494A
Interpon - Ripple RAL 7035Ripple RAL 7035
Gloss ML435A
Interpon - Ripple APO GreyRipple APO Grey
Gloss ML463A
Interpon - Ripple GraphiteRipple Graphite
Matt EY422A
Interpon - Ripple X15 OrangeRipple X15 Orange
Gloss MF406A
Interpon - Ripple RAL 7032Ripple RAL 7032
Gloss MP476A
Interpon - Hammer MistiqueHammer Mystique
Gloss MW415C