Swing Gates

Ditec swing gate automation systems can move

Ditec swing gate automation systems can move swing gates of up to 5 meters wide.  All systems come with two remotes, with additional remotes available for purchase.  

  • Ditec TS 35 - telescopic solution for wing up to 3.5m

    • Install the Ditec TS 35 in three simple steps for a reliable solution suitable for frequent use in residential applications. The use of stainless steel, ball bearings and a powerful motor ensures durability and smooth operation with high thrust force. 

  • Ditec PWR - for wing up to 5m

    • Ditec PWR is suitable for residential, condominium and industrial applications, designed to ensure quality and strength. 

  • Ditec Facil - for wing up to 2.3m wide or 300kg 

    • Ditec Facil is an easy to install solution, designed with safety in mind. The automation system is suitable for medium to large sized vertical mountings, ensuring weather resistance and a highly aesthetic finish.  

  • Ditec Arc - for wing up to 5m wide or 500kg 

    • The versatile Ditec Arc is the ideal solution for large vertical mountings that require intensive use, moving very large wings. 

  • Ditec Cubic - for wing up to 3.5m wide or 600kg

    • Concealed and sturdy. If aesthetics are important in your design, the Ditec Cubic provides the perfect automation solution.



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