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​​​Did you know that the Building Codes of Australia have changed over the years? This has resulted in many existing balustrades for example being rendered dangerous by todays standards. The allowable gaps in balustrades prior to 1982 was 9 inches, after 1982 it became 6 inches and in 1991, it became 4 inches which is still current today. If your home or rental premises is no longer considered safe, then we're here to help.

Justin owner of CCBF

Why Country Custom Balustrade + Fencing
Australia has some of the harshest climatic conditions in the world. From ice and snow to desert like conditions of heat, driving rain and hail. Country Custom Balustrade + Fencing products have stood the test of time under these conditions for well over a decade which is testament to the product quality being designed and manufactured with integrity to endure. During this period there has been thousands of product installations resulting in both repeat business and new clients who value quality with a stylish finish combined with the structural integrity of Certified 100% Australian Made Steels in a powder coated finish that adds both value and personal style to their homes or businesses.

Adding Value and Inspiration
Whether your planning to build, entertain or renovate, Country Custom Balustrade + Fencing products will always add value and character to your investment. With unique, stylish, custom designs manufactured to suit the particular architectural style of your home, we're here to listen and create exactly what you desire. All our work is precisely drawn in AutoCAD so you can see your project come to life throughout the process. Our products offer double the corrosion protection, being manufactured with galvanised steel and powder coated for additional protection. We offer an extensive range of colours with over 100 colours to match existing features of your home or business. The quality checks and balances involved in our manufacturing process ensure you receive a product that will achieve the highest standards. As we say...It's all about the finish!

Keeping You and Your Family Safe
Your safety and that of your family, friends and staff is of paramount importance to us at Country Custom Balustrade + Fencing. We've been keeping families safe for years by ensuring that all our products meet or exceed the necessary Building Codes of Practice and relevant Australian Standards. All our pool, fencing and balustrade products are manufactured to not only reflect your individual lifestyle but also to compliment the way of life that you and your family have come to enjoy. Rest assured that we've already taken into consideration all aspects necessary to ensure compliance for today and into the future.

Maintenance Free
Our glass products, handrails and cable balustrades are supported with fittings manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel available. Coupled with our powder coated products, everything is maintenance free apart from general cleaning. So you'll never need to worry about ongoing maintenance like painting, staining etc that other products require. Our products won't rot or warp so they'll look just as good in the future as the day they were installed. At Country Custom Balustrade + Fencing, we stand behind what we produce. Our future depends on the future of the products we supply today.